Saturday, April 24, 2010

Start saving that money folks.....

For bail. Please.

The other day, I had to run an errand. I left Noah at the house with a sitter. I asked him to do his homework while I was gone.

When I returned, he had indeed done his homework. He had also completed the check off list in his agenda. This is supposed to be done by the parent and initialed by said parent.

He proudly held it up to me and said "I went ahead and did this for you mommy. You know, so you won't have to. See. I put the check mark fingy (thingy) by Read Book and Math Sheet and I put the RS with the little circle around it"

Yep. The RS with the little circle just happens to be how I sign my initials. He had copied them almost exactly.

So. Save your money.
Our little 7 year old is well on his way to a life of crime.
Forging documents.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Field Trip.....

Yesterday, we went downtown to the Sottile Theatre. It was a field trip for the first graders at the school Noah attends.

We had the privilege of seeing "The Velveteen Rabbit" performed by the Robert Ivy ballet. It was lovely, touching and wonderfully sweet.

Side note: The previous day, Noah had informed us that this was going to be "Boring!" and "ballet is for Girls"! (to be said in your most venomous voice in order to get the full effect)

So. Armed with that information, Poppy, Nonna and I loaded into the car to follow the buses to the theatre. Poppy drove. I just heard a gasp from all of those who have ridden with Poppy. Really, it wasn't that bad. He only ran 7 yellow lights, 2 red lights, ran 3 cars off the road and almost hit 1 pedestrian......but by golly he never lost sight of the bus that had his "little buddy" in it! I'm just kidding Dad. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected. There really weren't any pedestrians in danger....much.

Anyway, back to the ballet. I was anxious to see how horribly tortured Noah was going to be during this "boring, girlish" performance. The lights went low, the curtain rose and Noah sat completely still.

Did you hear me people? NOAH SAT STILL!!! With his little mouth open. Catching flies. During the entire first act. And he didn't make a peep! Did you HEAR ME? NOT A PEEP! I'm almost certain that I heard angels sing....

During the pause between the first and second acts of the play, one of the children loudly applauded.

Yep. It was Noah.

I quietly explained that while it was very nice of him to show his appreciation for the performance, it wasn't' finished yet. He said "Oh." and continued quietly watching the show. No argument, just "Oh." (I'm positive this time, the angels sang)

During the rest of the play, there was a little bit of fidgeting and flopping from Noah but for the most part, he did pretty good. Towards the end of the story, the plot thickens when the doctor gives an order that all the child's toys be burned to ensure the destruction of any remaining scarlet fever germs. The velveteen bunny is then put in a pile to be burned the following day. At this point in the performance a child from the audience said in a very loud voice "That's NOT NICE!"

Yep. It was Noah.

"Yes honey, I know it's not nice but it's also not nice to talk during a performance and if you absolutely must, please whisper"

"but I......"

And so the argument began. It ended very quickly though when I said "Just HUSH and watch the rest of the play!"

Even though he may have applauded at an inappropriate time, made commentary a little too loudly, his actions made sense for this not quite 7 year old boy. He was paying attention. He enjoyed the performance in the first act. He understood that there was an injustice about to happen to the rabbit and by golly, that's just NOT NICE!! He was paying attention.

He was paying attention.

Maybe watching and enjoying a ballet isn't just for girls. Maybe it isn't so boring after all.

All in all, he did OK.

The bus ride back to school, not so much....

I didn't hear any more angels singing the rest of the day.......I miss them.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Gonna change the name......

Ok. I know. It's been a year or so since my last post. Let me explain.....
The new title for this blog is going to be....(drumroll please)........

Just Plain Sick and Tired of Feelin Sick and Tired and exactly HOW LONG DOES MENOPAUSE LAST ANYWAY?!!!!!

Any questions?


Didn't think so.

Love Y'all

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Never knew fire could be so cool......

Yesterday Noah, Gene and I went to the North Charleston Fire Museum. This place is really REALLY cool! It has fire fighting equipment from back in the 1800's, a play area for the kiddos, Charleston history, lots and lots of fire trucks and quite a few inter-active areas. It really was a good place for all ages and I recommend it to everyone in the area. Here are a few pics from our outing. Just walkin' around......takin' it in.

Playing the fire tool match up game.

Noah and daddy trying to lift the 100 lbs of equipment and protective gear a fireman has to carry!

Noah was very fascinated by a short film about fire safety (in the background). We watched it together as a family twice, just Noah and I once and finally when mom and dad would no longer sit through it......he plopped down outside the viewing area and watched it by himself!

This is daddy studying on how to become an, I mean learning about arson..yeah, that's right.

Oh yeah. I was there too. Why did we all dress in red? We kind of blended in with all the trucks!

Y'all in the Charleston area.......GO. It's a good outing. Really. Go. STOP READING AND GO!


Thursday, January 1, 2009


I've heard it said that whatever you do on New Years Day, beginning at 12:00 a.m. and throughout the day, will be what you do all year. I heard this about 10 years or so ago. Since then I have kept that in mind and really tried to do something fun or relaxing on January 1st. I never ever did anything remotely "unfun" like housework, laundry or cleaning out the refrigerator......ewwww. I mean, who wants to do housework the rest of the year.....

I can't really say that this little superstition has rung true in past years but just in case, I decided to do some things different this first day of 2009. At midnight, I kissed my husband and my little boy then wished them a Happy New Year. Shortly after that I read little guy a nice long bedtime story, got lots of snuggles, said prayers and kissed him goodnight (I normally do this anyway.Wouldn't miss it!) . I then finished a load of laundry, started the dishwasher, fed the turtles and headed for bed. I got comfy or as comfy as you can get with a kitten on your chest, read my book for a short while, told my sweet honey goodnight and drifted off. I had a wonderful night's rest, a full 8 hours, and woke up feeling really good.

This morning I did relax for a little while, reading in bed and talking with my husband but then I got moving. I talked to mom, cooked breakfast (ham and cheese omelets), talked on the phone with a good friend, peeled and sectioned a whole bag of grapefruit so it didn't spoil and go to waste. I emptied the dishwasher, did more laundry, played with Noah, fixed lunch.. cheddar sausages for the guys and I had my leftovers from dinner out last night, did more laundry and de-boned the leftover turkey. I did a quick clean out of the refrigerator (not thorough but good enough until I have the time to really get in the crevices), read email, checked in on a few friends, talked to my pops, played a couple of games, did more laundry, and cooked dinner. Before going to bed tonight, I WILL do another load of laundry, clean up the kitchen, load and start the dishwasher, wash pots pans and other misc items, bathe the boy, read a bed time story, feed the turtles, head for bed, do bible study and quiet time, get comfy with a kitten on my chest, read, talk with my sweet honey and drift off.........

This New Years Day, I did what I want to be doing in 2009. I did the things that needed done, things that should have been done plus a few things I wanted to do. I think that's a nice balance. I believe that is what God expects of me this year. To take care of my family and friends. To take care of myself. To get things done. To serve.

I think I'm gonna like 2009.

What did you do today?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

9 on the 9th

Mrs N. hosts a nifty little meme over at her place, All That Naz. So I decided my 9 would be on music. Specifically hymns. I especially love hymns in four part harmony. You know, good ole quartet singin. The blue-grassier the better! The church we attend does mostly praise songs. I do love praise songs. In fact, my next 9 on the 9th post will probably be my favorite praise songs. For today, 9 of my favorite old hymns......

1. Have a Little Talk With Jesus - Cleavant Derricks
2. I'll Fly Away - Albert E. Brumley
3. O Come, Angel Band - William B. Bradbury
4. Where the Soul Never Dies - Wm. M. Golden
5. It Is Well With My Soul - P. P. Bliss Horatio Spafford wrote the words. Read his story here. It's incredible! (this is my father's favorite too)
6. He Leadeth Me - William B. Bradbury
7. Christ the Lord Is Risen Today - Charles Wesley
8. Must I Go And Empty Handed - Charles C. Luther
9. Amazing Grace - John Newton

Monday, October 6, 2008

I didn't mean to be gone this long.....promise!

You people are getting on my nerves. I mean, can't a girl have a little ole pity party/feeling useless celebration/miniature breakdown/depression packed 6 weeks in peace? Seriously, what is with all the "You haven't updated your blog lately, is everything ok?" or "You never go this long without updating your blog, what's wrong?" or some of you are even going behind my back and asking my mom! REALLY people.......thanks.

The last six weeks haven't been as bad as I made them sound but they have been busy and somewhat emotionally trying.

First off, Noah started school. Little man is in Kindergarten. And I only sobbed a very short time.....that day. Ya see, for the past 5 years or so, my MAIN purpose was taking care of little man. I mean for the most part, I spent the majority of my time with him. On the first day of school, he excitedly got out of the car, walked into those big gaping doors and that school swallowed my baby whole. He didn't even look back, the little brat! I missed him TONS more than he missed me and boy howdy, that's just wrong! I mean, maybe if he had just grabbed hold of my leg wailing loudly, and I had to scrape him off with a crow bar then maybe it wouldn't have been so bad, but darn it people, he was just fine! I'm just kiddin. I'm glad it wasn't traumatic for him and I'm glad he likes school it was just that, well, by golly, now what do I do?
Seriously, what do I do from 7:30 a.m. to 2:05 p.m. every day? I volunteered at the school but they had not called me yet. MOPS had not started for the season yet. Bible study had not started back yet. I certainly didn't want to clean house, it just gets dirty again in a couple of days then you just have to do it all about frustrating! So that's where the pity party came into play. I actually thought about home schooling him but soon realized that it would be pretty selfish to take him from an environment he was thriving in, just to make me feel useful! Aren't ya'll proud of me. I did a grown up thing.
So, I had myself a couple of weeks of feeling un-necessary, wallowing in self-pity and just pretty much making myself miserable. Then, something wonderful happened. I went to a meeting at the school and volunteered again. They put me to work that very day. I now spend every Tuesday working in the teacher's work room doing stapling, copying, laminating, die cutting, book making, and of course, cutting. I get to use my spiritual gift of scissors! How cool is that? Not only that but I get to eat lunch in the "cafataria" (Noah's pronunciation) with little man. But gets better! I have been getting quite a few cake orders, I have done some work at the church with random office stuff and preschool dept. stuff, every Saturday has been busy with something, I volunteered with the Franklin Graham Festival which involved a Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, I spend Thursday mornings at Bible Study, most Fridays doing MOPS stuff and for the love of Pete, somebody make it stop!
Just kidding. There for a while, I was a bit overwhelmed. Going from being completely useless to not being able to catch my breath was rough. Everything has calmed down now and I am feeling useful once again.
There is another benefit from being at the school at least once a week. I get to see first hand how the school and it's staff perform. I. Am. Impressed.... and I am relieved. I think part of my problem, was worrying about how Noah was doing. Was he being taken care of. Were they giving him attention. Let me just say, I love they way they "do school" there. I love Noah's teachers. I KNOW they are taking care of him. For instance, Noah was getting "sad" at nap time because he was missing me. His teacher, Mrs. Coates, moved his nap spot to behind her chair so she could talk with him and rub his back until he settled down. She cares. I needed to know that.
In addition to all that, we had four additions to the Smith clan. Fluff had her kittens and they are so darn cute! Three of the four will be heading to new homes in the next week or so. sniff sniff. Keep me in your prayers. Most of ya'll know about my Elly Mae Clampett gene. It makes up a large part of me so I'm pretty sure I will not do well with our babies leaving. *insert sobbing here*

As a side note, my husband has been wonderful through all this. I'm sure there have been moments that he would have liked to trade me in for a more stable model. Thanks for putting up with me honey. You are the best!
Well folks, I will try not to let too much time lapse before my next post. I just know the six of you are waiting by your computers all day just chomping at the bit for me to ramble on.....
Love ya'll....mean it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Great Newses..(newses: plural - more than one great news item)

Ok. I'm making up words but I have a good reason. I have not ONE but TWO pieces of really great news.

Great news #1. Noah's biopsy results came back. It is Psoriasis. That is good news. The Dr. is changing his treatment. That is GREAT news. He still has some steroid medication but it is much lower in strength. Hopefully this new combination of medicine will clear up those aggravating dots! (dots is what Noah calls them)

Great news #2. My cousin Bill and his wife April are gonna have a BABY!! We are so very excited for them. Her due date is, well what else....April. They have started a baby blog here: I am hoping for a girl since I am surrounded by all this testosterone! I would love to purchase something pink!!

God is Good!